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The way it works is simple. That said, there are some other raw and wet food options that could be used in a similar way. The health benefits that come from Applaws food toppers are the same that you would expect from any all-natural, grain-free diet with additional meat and veggie content. The categories include Terrine, Gravy, Fillet, Broth, and Bone Broth. However, as we’ve already mentioned, all recipes are fairly similar regardless of the main protein. Set Descending Direction. – RSPCA knowledge base [4]. Read our review here. View as Grid List. Write a review. RSPCA knowledge base. Nevertheless, this won’t be a problem since many retailers already sell Applaws dry food in packs of 2 or 4 bags at once. Australian made, Applaws is fast becoming a local favourite. Copyright text 2020 by Bone Broth is made from either chicken or beef bone and is packed together with turmeric and parsley. However, all their canned options have meat cuts and other animal protein sources as the first ingredient. That means that even if the entire crude protein percentage is lower than others, you can be certain it comes from animal protein instead of vegetable sources. Applaws dry cat food is a high quality complete food with 80% meat content. Making pet food matters. Applaws Applaws Tuna Loin Natural Cat Treat ☆☆☆☆☆ … In this category, Applaws is average. Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 26, 2020 38459 Views 139 comments. Chicken | Chicken & Lamb Applaws is a fairly new dog food company and we think that with time there will be additional flavors added to the range of food toppers available today. 2 reviews. This brand stays away from sulphites, which have been known to cause thiamine deficiencies and even death in large quantities. 1.248kg; £12.99 Add to basket. Most of these are present in meal form. Fillets work perfectly as treats and quick snacks while out and about. The rest of the ingredient list is full of easily-recognizable ingredients, without suspicious additions or artificial flavourings. Because of the good reception among dogs and owners alike, we’re giving Applaws 5 out of 5 in this category. Chicken & Turkey Australian meat is the No1 ingredient in Applaws complete dry dog food. However, in spite of its good recipe, Applaws puppy food can be somewhat difficult to find in Australia. Applaws uses rosemary extract, tocopherol -aka vitamin e- and citric acid. Applaws Applaws Natural Pouches Supreme Selection in Jelly Wet Dog Food ☆☆☆☆☆ £5.99. Applaws Dog Adult Chicken Small & Medium . Applaws Adult Wet Dog Food Taste Toppers Tin Chicken Salmon Vegetables Broth 156g. Offer. All their dog dry food options are grain-free, while their wet food recipes have some regular and some grain-free options. However, they bag their kibble in small bags. As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 76% and a mean fat level of 4%. The product cannot really be compared with traditional dog food because Applaws is not meant to be a stand-alone replacement for a dog’s regular diet. Applaws It’s All Good. It combines this delicious meat with a range of fruit, vegetable and herb ingredients, all of which have been chosen because they reflect a natural canine diet. Its all natural and no additives. Pouches of gravy that can be added to your god’s meals with ease. If lamb in gravy isn’t what you are looking for, give Chicken Breast with White Beans, Peas and Pumpkin in Gravy a try. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Coming in either chicken or beef, the meats are shredded making it easy for dogs to chew up and digest. Grain Free – Diets that use high levels of cereals can be hard for dogs to digest and metabolize Complete and Balanced – Containing everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy The recipes in this line are very simple and can be included with virtually every type of dry or wet food. This is probably because all recipes have meat and poultry as the first ingredient, which most dogs will love. In general, most dogs will digest all of these with ease. The same is true for the botanicals used. But if you were hoping for a wide selection, this isn’t it. Excellent: 1: Very Good: 0: Average: 0: Poor: 0: Terrible: 0: Rating summary. Applaws provides a lot of answers to plenty of dog owners. This small, independent company is on the pet foods market because of the quality meals and recipes they come up with. Save Saved Removed 8., Does the Size of Dog Kibble Matter? “applaws natural cat and dog food” I use applaws range, pate, broth, tins, and dry dog food for my dog. All of the recipes include a mixture of botanicals, such as peas, pumpkin, and white beans, and they, too, are natural and sourced responsibly. This brand has only one puppy option in their dry kibble line, and no specific recipes in their canned food range. Broth: The Broth option (as well as the bone broth) is a fantastic way to soften your dog’s regular dry food. There is a great range of Applaws dry dog food & wet pet food available at Pet Supermarket. Clicker Training In 5 Easy Steps – 2020 Upd. Shop By. Within these ranges, there are some speciality recipes such as those for large breed dogs, puppies, and senior dogs. Chudleys Dog Food. After that, the next ingredients are faba beans, chickpeas and potatoes, in different order according to the specific flavour. its so good my dog licks the bowl shiny clean a… 1 person has reviewed Applaws. It’s made with delicious home grown produce. They’ve added flaxseed and fish oil to supplement your dog’s omega 3 intake, as well as prebiotics -in the form of chicory-, apples, tomato, spinach and cranberry. Pet Care Rx. There are two different flavor choices to choose from and your dog will likely love them both. 156g; 5 for 4; £1.79 Add to basket. Dog Groomers Near Me [UK Search Tool & Directory]. Are you considering switching your dog to Applaws? Lamb with Zucchini, Carrots, and Chickpeas in Gravy is one of the most talked about gravies in the Applaws dog food reviews we have seen, but the other option is also quite popular. Applaws is great at what is does and the only drawbacks that we could find for this Applaws dog food review are that some dog owners might not want to buy into an additional component to the feeding schedule. View as Grid List. Offer. The Applaws recipes have been created for dogs to enjoy and to build health. This nutritious dry and wet pet food is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings or flavours. Set Descending Direction. While other dry foods claim to have up to 35% protein or more, Applaws states their recipes are 50% meat. Applaws has average-to-great ingredients throughout all their recipes. Whether you are looking for chicken, beef, or lamb, all of the protein sources used in the food toppers are 100% natural and sustainably sourced. Since the actual protein components aren’t that different across all recipes, we’re taking off 2 stars for lack of variety. Member ratings. Guru dog food and Nutriment are both worth a look. All recipes have animal protein of different kinds as the first ingredient. They have simple, easy to understand ingredient lists without artificial flavours or preservatives. Eukanuba. 2 Items . 5 x 100g. The rest of the recipe is packed with extra goodies like fish oil, flaxseed, chondroitin, apple and blackberry extract. It closely mirrors the natural diet that dogs would find in the wild. Enjoyed by dog: Ingredients: Quality: Value for money: 1 review (1 page) sorted by Showing … Add. Offer. Check the list of stockists or view our map to see where Applaws pet food is sold. Whether dealing with picky eaters, dogs with sensitive stomachs or dogs that need to put on a little extra weight, the benefits that come from using food toppers are certainly many. 10 x 60g. Applaws Natural Wet Dog Food, Pate Multipack with Turkey, Ocean Fish and Beef with Vegetables in 150 g Trays (Pack of 5) 4.3 out of 5 stars 134 £6.95£6.95 (£9.27/kg) Save 10% more with Subscribe & Save By providing a great natural high protein dog food, your dog will be healthier and need to eat less: this means that Applaws, despite being a premium brand, is great value. These legumes roundup the carb needs of your dog, although they have a relatively high glucose index. Barking Heads has a wide range of options you can choose from! Check out the below: Eloisa Thomas is a dog lover & anthropologist. Notify Me When Available. Nevertheless, pet food companies aren’t obligated by law to mention the preservatives on their food [4], so it’s good to see a company who takes the lead. One of the best things about Applaws is that they make it easy to add extra protein to a dog’s diet. Packing 50% meat, made in Australia and with a limited ingredient list, this is one of the favourite brands for budget-conscious owners in need of high-quality food. This range includes dry dog food, wet/canned dog food, and dog toppers. Add to Compare. PRO TIP: Use an old toothbrush to scrub the stains if you’re not using a washer. In general, if your dog can eat poultry, you’ll find any of these recipes fit their needs. … See how Applaws Adult Small & Medium really compares on the world's most comprehensive dog food review site, All About Dog Food! Apart from the added moister and intense flavor, Broth also adds a bit of texture to your dog’s meal. Recommended Reading: Don’t miss our review of Akela dog food next. Compared to other premium grain-free dog food available in the Australian market, this is generally a good deal. Because of it, we’re giving Applaws 4 out of 5 stars in this category. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments section! All that is required is to select the flavor that is best suited to your dog and pour it on top of the regular dry food that you give. Applaws is completely additive free and only uses fish caught in sea water using dolphin friendly methods. Cesar Dog Food. Another thing some pet owners would have to consider is how to calculate proper feeding amounts when adding in a new element to a dog’s diet. The lack of additives and fillers makes it easier for dogs to avoid all of the health issues that come from eating things that just shouldn’t be eaten. In terms of value, the prices are surprisingly low and Applaws also allows the main food to last much longer. The two types that you can choose from are Chicken Breast with Pumpkin Terrine Cup and Beef with Liver, Peas and Carrot Terrine Cup. While this is a concentrated form of protein, it’s an otherwise healthy option that will give your pup the energy they need to stay healthy and happy. Fillet: Fillet is a food topper that comes with a bit more substance than the previously mentioned lines. If your dog is sensitive to chicken, you might have to look elsewhere. While this isn’t an issue for small and toy breeds, if you want to feed a large pup, you’ll have to buy several bags at once. Cat Food. Quick view Applaws Dry Dog Food Large Breed Puppy Chicken 7.5kg (Web Exclusive) 7.5kg; £29.69 Add to basket. Gravy: The Gravy line is exactly what the name suggests. At Pets Corner we whole heartedly agree with their ethos that good quality pet food must start with the best quality ingredients. Want to read more dog food brand reviews? This Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed – Chicken with Lamb is free from artificial … per page. more less. The recipes also contain a high proportion of premium-quality meat or fish as an excellent source of protein. Complementary pet foods are not designed to be the only source of food for your pet. View as Grid List. In fact, according to RSPCA Australia: There are safety issues relating to sulphur dioxide and sodium and potassium sulphite preservatives – these can cause thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency, which can be fatal. See our review here. Our experts reviewed everything there is to know about this UK brand so you can make an informed decision that fits your pet’s needs. 2 Items . Country Hunter Dog Food . Ethically sourced Kangaroo, sweet potato & superfood extras, Three Omega 3 and 6 rich oils with a well balanced 11% fat content, Australian owned with hundreds of 5 Star Reviews, Applaws is a UK-owned, Australian-made dog food company, This brand prides themselves in using at least 50% meat in all their recipes. Reviews (2) Q&A (1) Details; Compare ‹ See all Dog Foods. Ask a question. Show. Applaws pet food has been carefully developed so that you can offer your dog or cat a healthy, great-tasting diet. Add. On the other hand, Applaws offers above-average ingredients for a relatively good price. Taking this perspective the online store consists of various Applaws food products encompassing Applaws Cat Chicken with Duck Food, Applaws Dog Food Chicken Fillet Tins, Applaws It’s All Good Adult Small / Medium Breed Dog Food, Applaws It’s All Good Senior All Breed, Applaws Cat Food Sardine and Mackerel Pot amongst others. Their kibble recipes are also pretty good., What should I feed my dog? You get your choice between beef and chicken fillets and they come in a convenient package. This brand fares well in the taste category. Sort By. Sort By. She enjoys writing content that will actually help people understand their dogs better. If you only feed your pet complete food and provide lots of fresh water for them to drink, they will receive the all nutrition their body needs. View Statistics. Set Descending Direction. A wide variety of Applaws wet dog food However, keep in mind all recipes -including beef and fish- have poultry within the first 5 ingredients. Quick view Applaws Dry Puppy Food Chicken Small and Medium Breed 7.5kg (Web Exclusive) 7.5kg; £38.99 Add to basket. Other Dog Food Brands. Little Big Paw Dog Food . Looking for an Applaws dog food review to make up your mind? Web Exclusive. Recommended: If your dog has specific nutritional needs, let Burgess help you out! Our Applaws review wouldn’t be complete without a thorough look at their puppy recipes. For over ten years, Applaws have been producing cat and dog food made from only the finest cuts of meat and fish. That said, the recipes that are available are rich in nutritional content and bursting with flavor. Delivery from 5 Jan. Applaws Applaws Natural Pots Chicken Breast with Rice Wet Cat Food ☆☆☆☆☆ £10.90 £9.99. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 62%, a fat level of 8% and estimated carbohydrates of about 23%. Applaws offer an extensive range of natural cat and dog food for pets of all shapes, sizes and ages. All in all, we really like the protein sources and we’re giving it 4 out of 5 stars. In this category, Applaws dog food does reasonably well. Our Healthy Dog Food Toppers will bring joy to every meal. View Details. 156g; 5 for 4; £1.79 Add to basket. When it comes to preservatives, this dry food does really well. The AAFCO states all dog food should have at least 18% of crude protein [2], and this brand features a modest 24%. In general, we like the composition of their puppy dry food, and the 24% protein offers enough energy for your little one to grow strong., Are preservatives in pet food products a concern? Adult kibble comes in beef, fish, duck and chicken flavour, while puppies have plain chicken. 2 Items . The lack of grains means that the food toppers are easy to digest, and the high meat content adds more of what your dog needs to stay healthy. per page. From complete dry puppy food to senior cat wet food and everything … It is easy to see from names like these gravy pouches add an explosive bit of flavor to any other dish you put them on. 5.0. Quick view … The distinctive feature of Applaws products is the presence of a transparent window on the package through which customers can see the contents of the food. In this regard, Applaws does well. Applaws has a large product range of dog food recipes. Recommended: Is your dog a picky eater? In general, owners are really happy with the smell: it’s strong enough to entice pups, but won’t disturb people in the same room. Applaws Applaws Natural Complete Adult Small/Medium Breed Chicken Dry Dog Food ☆☆☆☆☆ £12.99-£54.99. Chappie Dog Food. However, the bulk … Instead of focusing on the meal itself, Applaws dog food has created a range of food toppers to brighten up the meals you feed to your pet. per page. Shopping Options Flavour/Main Ingredient. This grain-free puppy kibble is based around poultry meal as the first ingredient, followed by chickpeas, beans and potato. More. On the other hand, their complete dry dog food can be used as the sole component of your dog’s diet. This means they shouldn’t be used as the base of your pup’s diet. All in all, Applaws canned dog food is a great choice to treat your furry friend. Show. Autarky Dog Food. Out of stock. Applaws Dog Adult Chicken Small & Medium . Reviews. Applaws dog food is a 100% natural dog food made entirely of premium natural ingredients. Web Exclusive. These legumes roundup the carb needs of your dog, although they have a relatively high glucose index. Offer. As most brands, Applaws goes above and beyond the recommended protein amount. Burns Dog Food. After that, the next ingredients are faba beans, chickpeas and potatoes, in different order according to the specific flavour. One great thing about the filet option is that you don’t have to give the beef or chicken fillet food topper with a meal. – AAFCO, What’s in Pet Food [1]. Complete pets food such as Applaws dry, contains all the vitamins and minerals your furry friends needs to be healthy. Applaws is the popular choice among pet owners because they’re all about using quality produce to make their wet and dry food. PRO TIP: This brand offers high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price for most budgets. Sort by: Newest. Dog Food. 2 Items . As we already mentioned, all recipes feature protein in meal form. Applaws Dog Food Large Breed Adult Chicken 15kg (Web Exclusive) 15kg; £59.99 Add to basket. Offer. In general, your dog will have plenty of micronutrients just from their dry kibble. They are a great way to add variety, flavour and essential vitamins to … Nevertheless, if you have a dog that can’t eat chicken, this isn’t the brand for you. You have the choice between dry and wet food, with the caveat that all their canned options are labelled as supplemental. It’s easier than doing it entirely by hand! Sort By. Terrine: Terrine is a soft food topper made with chicken or beef and vegetables. Bone Broth is more of a liquid gel than the other food toppers available at Applaws. Most dogs really like the flavour and smell of the food, both in canned and dry options. If you’ve ever wondered about this brand, we’ve got you. Quick view Applaws Dry Dog Food Small and … Applaws dry dog food has poultry or meat meal as the first ingredient, depending on the flavour. This is especially evident when looking at the rest of the ingredient list, where there are no peas, which is a common way to boost protein in grain-free foods. If you want to save a bit more, look out for these bundle deals, as they usually offer a 5%-10% discount in comparison with the full retail price. Applaws dog food offers premium moist dog food in a variety of tasty flavours. Bone Broth: For many, the idea of adding more meat and veggie content to an already full meal might be difficult to balance and calculate proper amounts of food. Here you can check the current stockist if you want to buy some. per page. According to the AAFCO, Poultry meal is the dry rendered product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone […] Basically the same as "poultry," but in rendered form, so most of the water and fat has been removed to make a concentrated protein/mineral ingredient. Show. The Pet food that delivers Health & Wellbeing. Add to Compare. Treat your dog to this revolutionary Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed – Chicken with Lamb complete dry dog food, boasting an impressive 75% chicken-content. Barking Heads Dog Food. If you are looking for a dog food company that cares about the flavor of the foods they provide, Applaws Brings a lot to the table with a very interesting approach. Applaws Dog Food is a high quality range of wet and dry dog food with 100% natural ingredients. Applaws allows pet owners to add some extra punch to their pet’s meals to either get them to eat, add nutritional value, or simply treat them to something nice.

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