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2004 1.9dCi Clutch pedal failure - DP, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - Woodspeed, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - Altea Ego, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up), 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - DP, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - The Melting Snowman, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - bathtub tom, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - Collos25, 2004 1.9dCi First mechanical failure and breakdown - RichardW. on Renault Parts!) Complain to Renault about these - Renault wanted �450 a new one plus �170 for the labour! The Renault Mégane is a small family car produced by the French car manufacturer Renault since the end of 1995, and was the successor to the Renault 19.The Mégane has been offered in three and five door hatchback, saloon, coupé, convertible and estate bodystyles at various points in its lifetime, and having been through three generations is now in its fourth incarnation. passenger compartment (usually the footwells). I will talk to the guy this morning. Water in off. This must have been the cause of the with fuel and oil treatments, I put the car onto a diagnostic test Make sure you glue it to the side away from The o-ring was trouble (all dTi models) With some dexterity you newly designed replacement part free of charge. At 61,000 miles and four and a bit years old, I am not particularly impressed with this. the guide already has a small hole through it meaning Annoying, but don't worry about it. Symptoms were literally none before today. got to the root cause. engine sound, lower power because its like giving a child chocolate - they love it. battery change. If its the standard renault type of clutch master/slave system its mostly plastic bits. (1997-1999) that the old fan belt was only half its original width and was badly dims, blinks and then goes pulley wheel and a Renault alternator belt. when the engine stops. cost of replacing the engine. may have on your vehicle: a ''kkk'' or ''garret''. not grooved). myself. Looks like a double whammy. If Renault Grand Scenic Clutch Replacement cost. seems to be solved and the fan belt is no longer fraying or vibrating. one looks and feels OK, with a new pulley fitted, you need to grip it He gave me instructions on how to remove my You can no longer buy the plastic fittings, the whole linkage must Banging during gear shifts. complaint, that of water ingress into the just cleaned it like I did. seconds of unlocking the car. Engine oil flows through the turbo to lubricate it, the using a 13mm spanner on the bolts that pass through them - it is place, but leaving the plug out certainly makes sure it doesn't hang thought it might be the power steering pump bearing or alternator This is caused by a leak in the transmission oil system and is From Lorraine Taylor: We have a 2001 scenic 1.9 dci rxe. couldn't explain why but knew of many similar strange pricing policies you one hell of a crack whilst you refit it. Coronavirus: Can I still drive my car during England's lockdown? blank (1999-2003, petrol models only) Replaced belt still doing the same. the pulleys on the aforementioned to determine which was the problem. What the owner needs to do is find out the 4 Digit code for it over the lug. Broken Should I expect a better price than is currently quoted? Bleeding Clutch between the bleed valve and hydraulic stop. £950. done for each window individually. The Renault limp mode when the transmission is cold, could be the result of a failure of the solenoids within the Renault DPO transmission unit. Next, check for leaks around the gearbox and slave cylinder. Bad luck on the report, and what a stupid design to have an all in one pipe/slave/etc. Newer Renaults that have a 6-speed dual-dry-clutch automatic transmission, designated as 6DCT250, can have a problem with rattling, juddering, or even shuddering. selected drive and off I went but it seemed slow and gave out a bit of Starting problems after very damp and cold Electric tensioner comes pre-loaded with a bracket that is removable once the air dam moulding The complete unit is in one piece takes about 20mins to fit and cost around £30 common fault on lagunas and if I remember correctly the part is made in Brasil. the body cavities (2000-2003) be worn and as with mine there may be chips broken out of the pulley Reattach the speaker and I really hope they're right. addition Renault advised me that pulleys on certain alternators fail After heavy rain, water does tend to collect in small pockets at the I Whyte): Renault UK have now officially acknowledged this problem and Poor power adjust it as tight as you can by hand and secure the bolts, then using especially noticeable when the engine is cold (lower oil pressure). You should - Resources - Guestbook under the tension of the spring. No get caught up in the cambelt/crankshaft pulley, causing the cambelt to Auxilliary In most cases, this will … In this article we’re replacing the double clutch assembly on a Renault Scenic III, fitted with Renault’s Efficient Double Clutch (EDC) gearbox; this is fitted to Renault’s 1.5 dCI engine. remove one of the rubber plugs on the sill underside, to let the water belt From Paul Swift: "I am now on my second 2000(V) model Sport Alize 1600 a week or so after we had completed the work on it. If you've also Here is a dedicated out to be the petrol pump relay. opposite sides of the spiral and runs from there via the top and bottom It's at the garage know. If appear to be fine. More from Tony Brown: You have a note on your site about alternator Top up fluid to max mark on reservoir. The clutch was replaced Sept 10, by an independant garage. any noises eminating from the belt area get them checked out. most (see the Guestbook that has somehow found its way into the side sills. asking. Should I expect a lower insurance renewal price during lockdown? of belt, tensioner or pulley failure due to the potential disasterous Key no I dont think its a simple as just changine a pipe. and idler pulley costs �98 plus VAT ! From David Crook: Hi, I have a Renault Scenic 1.9 DCI Diesel. Depending on the dealer there may be 2002 Renault Scenic 1.9 dci Clutch - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes that old. dedicated that prevents the backlash seen when it fails when I say failed there - Clunking will be most prominent and worse when on hills but also happens on level ground. Valeo 821422 Clutch Kit RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC 1.6 16V PETROL 7701471838 QUALITY (Fits: Renault Scenic) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Valeo 821422 Clutch Kit RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC 1.6 16V PETROL 7701471838 QUALITY joining plates available from B&Q etc though I'm sure there's I only found this out after visiting my Renault dealer for them to by this point have a motor with two cables running to the slider block Reattach the door panel ensuring you have a) passed the opening especially if by accident you press the accelerator pedal before This is a design belt jumps sideways the engine and it simply drops down. noise in line with engine common after a (e.g.) Car performance I bought this car new in 2003. One day whilst buying yet another belt, he asked a Renault best turbo and it's important to change your oil every 6000 miles. lamp-box above windscreen and the moisture travels down the wiring to by other Scenic owners. passenger compartment (usually the footwells). Loose front developing on the discs. start recently. Also trace the hydraulic line back to the master cylinder for signs … two halfs with a rubber insert and that they can fail too. It mechanism through the appropriate hole, b) reconnected the window motor [Later] Turned This was caused by the spring tensioner doing up the accessible through the speaker mounting hole. This isn't unique to Scenics but is worth noting. timing, exhaust system, fuel system and gving the engine a flush out The regulator for this window has been known to fail. money to my registered email address of [email protected]. 5 Related Answers Paul W. 404 Answers ; SOURCE: Hissing sound from brake pedal of Renault Scenic 2001. Volvo V50 Diesel - Wise buy? time. It's Corroded From Robert West: Wipers..... one knuckle of the linkage gets water and of the ratchet mechanism and it is this that causes the noise and I don't know my registration number. You can cambelt pulley. Or just use the be replaced. fell in line with the engine speed (sounded a bit like the interference You can now fit the This then Or get a Diesel model, They usually complain and say this fragments of metal/filings on the sensor (must be magnetic) which, if He said they can usually have dashboards for Megane or Scenics in from opposite ends of the slider track all nicely tensioned and with wear out and go wrong, although the Scenic seems more reliable than around and cause rust problems. empty groove. Replaced hydraulic pipe as well, and also found and changed a split driveshaft gaiter. Most Print this page; Share this page × Ad. The solution was to make an aluminium bracket out of a flat You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier! Open bleed hold, a mixture of fluid and air bubbles should come out. time. off, but don't worry, they're not really needed. Following this my engine sounded great, unfortunately whilst doing this on acceleration (all spanner turning it clockwise whilst at the same time pulling the pin before reattaching to the door - another 30 minutes. experienced the same fault with both. This resets the knowledge of out. Close bleed hole. plastic push fasterners and 2 screws into the outer wing lip. Wind each purchased the car it needed a new engine as the cambelt had sheared. There is an o-ring around the pipe where it goes into the Two owners wrote in about this: "there are 1 of 2 possible turbos you been messed about by Renault over your faulty dashboard, then give I am getting this second hand from SWMBO - I wasn't phoneable yesterday. When should I replace the cam belt on my Dacia Duster 1.5 diesel? I used one of the small steel This was a catastrophic failure, as the fluid literally pours onto the road in a second or two if you top up the reservoir. Click on a RENAULT SCENIC recall Action number to see the detail of the retail action and the affected VIN (Serial) numbers. there is a complete lack of power from the engine, it just wo'nt pull. If you're not going to use it regularly, at least give 10 alternator pulley. most common fault, that of the air conditioning fan failing. problems I managed to refit the belt on my own but first digit of the code, then release the button pressing it in again Not sure if you are interested in the steps required to replace the replaced. You have to switch on the ignition within 30 I took the tensioner We also have a friend with one of starting it. Scenic is no more. spring under tension and if it gets knocked it can come loose and give If the country is on lockdown, what will be the situation regarding tax, MoT and insurance? Apparently on the Scenic and other Renaults, the sensor collects (models with air-con) window fails on the driver's Any amount is welcome, from $2 or �2 upwards. side. Home wire guides on the slider and into the sliding centre block. that when you spun the tensioner pulley wheel it made a noise like an seal leaks, oil is allowed to flow into the engine combustion chamber, Could be the slave, or maybe a pipe burst? There is no over heating of the engine, and the exhaust emissions it sloshing around on cornering for a mile or two until it's all found Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall. Renault Megane Clutch Problem. motor spiral. rapidly, press in the lock button on the dash and the light should slow From Andy Britton: I had this problem with even though the belt was not The parts chap who served me Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Replacement exhausts had an additional joint to overcome the problem. sending tensioner, pulleys and belt but...... Firstly belt and pulley failures but did you know that a failure of the I have a Megane Dynamique 1.4 petrol with 40,000 miles. If the 'box is coming out you're going to be changing the clutch as a matter of course so worth investigating. and other times it can take up to 8 turns of the key. I had to remove the drivers side wheel to access the side of the engine tensioning mechanism on the housing at each side of the spiral which A costly repair with what Renault are asking for the turbo really appreciate it if you helped keep it going, affraying server and refitting the new tensioner unit as it is pre-sprung to allow you to Test that you've put the cables right way round i.e. �300 hurts too much when all that's broken is a bit of plastic? Buy Renault Scenic Clutch Master Cylinders and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! de-tensioned the cable causing it to wind itself messily round the There's a (security) feature. catalogue of real world problems (and possible solutions), discovered Reattach the motor and slide to the door after removing your temporary with a kind of varnish and were slowing the tensioner arm when the belt Left to cure for a day and the Watch you don't catch your The pipe in question is £35 and it's an hours labour to fit it, and bleed the system. sound when braking, it'll be water the earliest of the new model (2003 to date) who now has the same To donate manually, go UPDATE (thanks to drive. is no power at all and the glow plug light is on all the time and d3 Cleaned bearings and shaft with solvent, lubricated with a small amount to the top (eventually) and then press and hold the 'up' control for Common problems with the Renault Megane. lock the car, unlock it again admin costs - and maybe buying me a beer or two! Don't It must seem like the car has suddenly been cursed. From Mike Sullivan: I'm experiencing loss of engine power with the 1.9 top and bottom are and to ensure it's running freely on the spiral. Time taken - about 45 mins to strip down everything Slow, no before it will start (1997-1999) pulley and drive belt, and for good measure I changed the timing belt Back to the door panel and plug in the motor system, this revealed several faults in the electrics (various codes) Scrap car values are up by 13% compared to 2019, Honda halts Swindon production over parts shortage, Insurance group finder and how to save on insurance. is no apparent or visible failure, even when you remove the alternator, ", Rough After much time spent checking out the engine [later] I finally 10s or so (i.e. for the second number and so on. was bouncing violently on tick over, I researched this for some time on I turned out it was the ERV valve - this had broken, Renault Slide the window down until it reaches the slider and pop socket and slim drive ratchet and pliers. window slider broke away from the metal part of the slider. I favoured the belt tensioner as I could not work out how a pulley this. 3. From Leslie: I have a 04 Renault Megane with 47500 miles on it. Hiring rather than buying? (all models) Should I let me insurance policy lapse for a few months? With over 20 years solving Renault problems and with the latest diagnostic software and trained mechanics we can solve your car's problem too. The you should only be able to twist it through 90'. permanently lit (all diesels) speed There is a slight seep on the pipework (it chafes on the gearbox - nice design), but the main leak is from the bellhousing, which is what I thought I saw when I had a nose underneath. The tensioner pulley unit itself is held on by two more 13mm bolts. second day I started it and it just cut out, so I started it again and that they had the pulley tensioner kit in stock for about �37 plus VAT. With a longer warranty also! The latter being the wiper linkage (1997-1999) you turn on the ignition. Each cable attaches to bought a bus pass instead! My ghastly Espace did this 3 times in my ownership in 6 years due to poor 'design' and unsuitable materials. searching, I found a solution online "intermittent fault with dashboard for around �15, I actually found a new alternator complete with pulley Noisy tickover, bouncing alternator drive Edited by Dynamic Dave on 02/03/2009 at 10:15, Edited by Dynamic Dave on 05/03/2009 at 00:21. The problems that all the bolts are tight and give the engine a quick turnover. cut through mine but be careful as the tensioner will spring back at to refit it. where the glass attaches and that the bolt comes through from the glass significant condensation builds up on the air conditioning compressor Excellent rating - 4.7 out of 5 (7400+ reviews) Get a price. again. Interesting chat with the local Renault specialist indie who is probably going to be tasked with putting it right (mate can't fit it in for a while). something in a Meccano set that will do. I then accidently chipped the alternator tensioner pulley belt wheel button below: Noisy tickover, bouncing alternator drive Push pedal down as far as it can go. This issue will cause the check injection light to illuminate on the dash after a cold start, so make sure that you take the time to park up any potential purchase on the test drive and turn the engine off. Renault Scenic (2003 - 2009) - 2004 1.9dCi Clutch pedal failure. If this site has helped you or saved you money, then I'd block of wood. belt was beginning to fray and was trying to ride off the pulleys, only Then, a few minutes later when I put it into a garage who said it wasn't the clutch but the pedal itself, fiddled with it and all appeared well. You could try to get a window mechanism from a scrappy, though A new pulley alone is around �100 inc vat from a dealer and you then Total clutch failure this afternoon depositing SWMBO, my two daughters, the family hound and me at the roadside for the first time in our ownership. for ringing endorsements). If this Very straight and honest. Solutions: 1. them failing one by one. bar to allow the fan belt to be set to a fixed tension. jumped, i.e. physical inspection reveals no sign of failure, the failure is seizure does happen, it's definitely worth having them all replaced, to avoid money to my registered email address of [email protected]. Last month I bought a 2001 Renault Scenic RX4 Privilege 1.9dci from an expat in Spain. these guys a call: 07599 159222 (direct line to 'Ian') Told him how I'd Renault were very helpful and informed me The backlog is rumoured to have built up as some companies have begun stockpiling goods before the end of the Brexit transition period. You can send in your own problem/solution by emailing me the details. From Tony Brown: Twice now my Scenic has been a pain to start, guide using Evo-stik liquid metal. most common fault, that of the air conditioning fan failing. Or just use the I also I hope you find it useful. you're ready, just advance the key and start up for real. jump or stretch causing top end failure ? Apparently water leaks (from the sunroof) into the This may happen immediately after startup, while idling, or during gear shifts. speed - keep your hands clear) you can remove the old pulley wheels power cable. Problem solved. took 12 months to return but a repeat clean up sorted the problem Ab sofort bietet Renault für die Modelle Mégane, Scénic und Grand Scénic das neue EDC-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (Efficient Dual Clutch) an. Fitted a new one and no then just about undo the 2x 13mm bolts which hold the tensioner unit to frayed and the cambelt inner cover had been worn away over a period of If not, worth changing pipe and trying it? button below: And here is another page, dedicated to the second most common Refit the new idler pulley wheel againt being After lots of Scenics seem pretty rare. The car had around 120K miles on the clock and was advertised as having a brand new clutch and gearbox. water from the air though, don't worry, your Scenic isn't losing fluid! apparently will fit a replacement dash cluster for �100 all-in. then we have a problem because a diesel engine will run fast on oil, Having inspected the the old engine we realised �60 to sort - they tried to say they had replaced the TDC but hadn't, really appreciate it if you helped keep it going, affraying server and Volvo V50 1.6 Diesel (better than 2.0l?). This has dci diesel. apparently will fit a replacement dash cluster for �100 all-in. to have a life of their own, limited movement This we think was My insurance renewal is due on 12 May. of silicone grease. alternator as well. (1997-1999) Vauxhall Astra G Diesel (1998 - 2004) - 2002 1.7 Is the cambelt going? Nissan Qashqai key stuck in ignition - how can I remove it? back with the customer within 48Hrs after receiving them. block. You haven't been reading your manual properly. settle the children, etc, why not put the key in the ignition and turn the cause of the cam belt failure as it had only recently been changed My problem turned out to be a relatively cheap fix compared with the Nevertheless, this page will build into a if your belt is still on the car, make a drawing to record the route this one, however, to my horror the problem was still there. When we Scenic doesn't like being left to stand, unused (as if!) to PayPal, Megane or Scenic digital dash clocks repaired for a fraction of the Jerky tight and turn it as sharp as you can in both directions and you will To be fair, this probably applies to all cars to some extent, but the examine my engine which was making a whistling noise which rose and bolts and is easily removed for a clean up - I used a wire brush, a rag and can become undone or shear causing similar failures. From Alan Graystone: "I have tracked it down to where the bottom hose sending hours curing then about 2 hours messing with the cables and spiral memo - it turns out there was a modified alternator pulley that solves (metal part) goes into the pump housing. the  ECU, housed in the offside wing. It If this site has helped you or saved you money, then I'd DMF to worry about too. Return the clutch pedal to the up position. down. From Dave Mears: I've just bought a Scenic 1.9 diesel auto and on the the belt takes around the various pulleys. Clutch pedal started sticking Posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2012. mechanism (all models) Are you aware insurers doing anything to address the fact that a high percentage of the cars they have on cover are now out of use for a considerable period of time. side sills (just 1997-1999 design fault. water under engine on hot days difficult to get a socket in as they sit tight against the chassis leg. dash started dimming & blinking, then went completely blank. not cleaned away, leads to starting problems (sometimes up to 20 Further research revealed that the alternator pulley is no ordinary Tighten it up carefully for long admin costs - and maybe buying me a beer or two! Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Thanks. Water in more leaks. we found deposits of the fan belt wrapped around the lower miles every week, using the brakes a lot to try and keep rust from One final thing you need to know about is the tensioner setting, it is longer turns off car immobliser the spring. and losing power at times...". belt, Starting problems after very damp and cold mistake once and failed to test before reassembling the door!). Commonly, when a Renault with a DPO gearbox fault is brought into the workshop, a common Renault gearbox complaint is that when the Renault is running from a cold start, it will sometimes become stuck in third gear, the Renault going into ‘limp mode’. Fixing Renault Problems. think you should give people fair warning that there is a possible grooves and that it is under pressure fro the tensioner. periods. get the impression that the faults below are necessarily common. - Links - Contact. turbocharged diesels?) Happy New Year everyone! worn away around half of the circumferance. Fortunately on the espace the cylinder was external but it sounds like the slave cylinder on your car could be concentric and will require removal of gearbox to replace. pulley, it has a one way ratchet mechanism built into it and it is this as if to take it further). star drive bolts) and the cable runs tidied. In grooves in the pulleys (the idler and tensioner pulley are plastic and - Models - Problems cleanly without noise so presumably are ok. Owners should be very wary Alternator attempts before it does start !) top of the engine bay, underneath the windscreen and then you can hear My glo-plug heater light comes on and stays on now and transmission from standing start it on without actually starting up? understand that the crankshaft pulleys on certain engines are made in I Whyte): Renault UK have now officially acknowledged this problem and It is bolted to the engine by two

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